by Anthony 

August 17, 2023

To sign out of Gmail in a browser by clicking on your photo or avatar in the top right corner of your browser, and choosing Sign Out. However, how you log out or sign out of Gmail depends very much on how you access Gmail.

We’ll start by looking at Gmail through an internet browser, then we’ll sign out of the Gmail app on iPhone before finally, looking at signing out of Gmail using the mail app on iOS and macOS.


If you use a desktop or laptop, more than likely you’re accessing Gmail through a browser and, therefore, when signing into any of Google’s suite of apps it’s all or nothing. If you sign into Gmail by association you are also automatically signed into Google’s other apps, such as YouTube and Google Drive.

It’s a similar story when signing out. If you sign out of Gmail, you will also sign out of YouTube, Google Drive and any other Google apps you use.

If you use the Chrome browser, you’ll notice that when you sign out your account will switch to being paused. When paused, any changes you make in that browser are no longer synced with Chrome on any of your other devices. For example, your browsing history will not be updated and updates to your passwords will not sync between your devices.

You can see how much of your browser activity is being saved and synced by signing back into Chrome, clicking on the three-dots menu icon, opening Settings, choosing Syncing and Services, followed by Manage What You Sync.

To check what other devices you are signed into, click on your photo or avatar in the top right of the browser. Choose, ‘Manage Your Google Account’. Click on Security followed by choose Manage Devices. Here you will be presented with a list of all the devices you have signed into using your Gmail account and you can sign out of each device by clicking on the three-dots icon.

If you use the Gmail app rather than a browser, you can sign out by tapping on your avatar/photo icon in the top right corner, and choosing Manage Accounts on this Device. Tapping on the slider button will sign you out. This will not remove your gmail account from your phone, nor will it delete your credentials. To log back in, simply re-enable the switch. To log out completely and remove your details from the phone, you need to choose, ‘Remove from this device’.

If you use the iPhone Mail app to access Gmail, you can log out of Gmail by opening the Settings app, tapping on Mail, followed by Accounts. Choose Gmail and click on delete account or click on the slider button to disable mail.

Similarly on Mac OS, if you access Gmail through the built-in mail app, you can sign out of Gmail by opening up System Preferences, clicking on Internet Accounts, selecting your Google account, and clicking the minus button to remove it. 

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Key Takeaways

  • Logging out of Gmail depends upon how you access gmail.
  • Log out of gmail in a browser by clicking on your avatar or profile picture.
  • Signing out of Gmail will likely sign you out of all Google apps, including YouTube and Drive. 

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