by Anthony 

February 11, 2024


 I have a shortcut on my Apple Watch which asks me which Workout I wish to start, offers me a list of several different options, then starts my chosen workout based on my response.

To create a similar shortcut where you can choose between different menu options, start by tapping on All Shortcuts in the app and tap on the plus icon to create a new shortcut. In the search box type Menu and you’ll be presented with two options - ‘choose from menu’ or ‘choose from list’.

We’ll be using ‘Choose from menu’ but you would use ‘Choose from list’ if you wanted to select multiple items from a list. Say, a bunch of photos in the photos app or files in the files app. Tap ‘Choose from Menu’ and a menu will be added to the shortcut editor. Start by adding the text that you want to appear when you start your shortcut. What Apple refers to as the ‘prompt’.

In my example, I’m choosing between two workouts, so my prompt will be ‘Which Workout’? But you type something relevant to your menu options. Below your prompt will be your different answers or menu options.

By default there are only two but you can have as many different menu options as you wish by tapping ‘add new item’. For my example I’ll stick with just the two, and replace the text, ‘One’ and ‘Two’ to read Run and Weights. Tapping Done on the keyboard, will display your script. My example starts by asking ‘Which Workout?’ and I’m presented with two options either ‘Run’ or ‘Weights’.

Having created your menu, you need to define what action to take when each menu option is chosen. Since I want to start a workout I’ll search for exactly that. Use the search box again and type the action you wish to take. Tap the result to add it to the editor.

Having created your action long press to select it and drag to where i want it to execute, which will be under one of your menu options. Add an action for each menu option, and move each one under the associated menu option.

That completes the steps in your shortcut. In my example, starting the shortcut will prompt me to choose between two workouts either Run or Weights. Tapping my choice will either start the Outdoor Run or the Functional Strength Training. The script will then end.

Once you're happy with your steps, you can give your shortcut a name and change the icon representing your shortcut by tapping the little drop down arrow next to the shortcut name. You can also add the shortcut to the home screen of your phone from this menu too.

If you want to be able to run the shortcut from your watch, go back into the script editor, tap on the little information or ‘i’ icon and enable the option to, ‘Add to Apple Watch’. You can then add your shortcut as a complication. I have a YouTube video, if you’d like more information on how to add a shortcut to your watch face. 

If you found this post useful, don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for lots of tips and tricks on all your favourite apps.

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