by Anthony 

February 6, 2024


Hey everyone Anthony here from the Faculty of Apps with another quick tip for your Apple devices.

Before and after I go for a run I like to give myself 10 minutes to warm up and cool down. You can add Warmup and Cool Down intervals into your Workout routine on your Apple Watch by creating a custom workout.

Open the Workout app and choose the type of workout you want to start. Rather than tapping to start your workout, tap on the little three dots, ellipsis icon.  This will display different variations of your chosen workout routine. 

Scroll to the bottom of the list and choose Create Workout. 

You’re then offered a list of goals to choose from such as a distance, time or calories burnt. Scroll to the bottom of these and choose Custom. 

Now you can create your custom workout and already included is the option to Warmup and Cool Down. By default these are set to Skip but tapping on each one will allow you to set a value. Since I like to stretch for 10 minutes before and after, I’ll choose a time based goal for my warmup and cool down intervals. If I scroll down I can set the period of time, which defaults to 10 minutes. 

The Alert option is where you can enable your stats to be read out to you during the warm up or cool down periods. Since I only stretch I don’t bother with this. 

Having set your warmup, tap the back button and your custom workout should be updated. Next, tap Add to add the main part of your workout. Tap on Work and you're given a few different goals based on the type of workout you’ve chosen. I choose Distance for my runs and use the digital crown to add 10 kilometres.

You should now have your warmup and main workout set. All that is left is to add the Cool Down interval,  which is exactly the same as adding the warm up interval. 

It’s worth mentioning that if you plan on doing a variety of different activities you can keep adding them by tapping Add. Once you're happy with your Workout routine, give it a name, and then scroll to the bottom of the screen to save or “Create” your workout. It’s very important you remember to do this otherwise you’ll lose the changes you’ve made. 

Your new workout should appear at the top of your list in the Workout app and tapping it will start the Warm Up interval. Note the reference in the top left corner of the display showing you're in the Warm Up phase of your exercise. THe W tells you your next interval is Work. If you set a time goal the timer will start to count down. 

At the end of the interval you’ll be notified that the interval has finished and your next interval will start automatically, unless you’ve set an open goal. If you set a distance goal, the display will show you how far you have left to run. It also shows the total time across your 3 intervals and the time spent in the current interval. 

As with any normal Workout, you can swipe right to stop or pause the workout, or skip to the next interval. If you swipe left you can set your music. Scrolling down will display your other stats. 

Having reached your goal, you’ll be notified that you're now in the Cool Down phase of your workout and, as before, your display will reflect the change. Since this is the last interval, if you swipe right now you have the option to complete your workout, rather than skip ahead.  You’ll be notified when all your intervals are complete and you’ll receive your workout stats as per normal. Switching to the Activity app on your phone will confirm your custom workout and clicking on it will provide more stats about your different intervals. 

So that is how to add warm up and cool downs intervals to your Workouts.

Key Takeaways

  • Add Warmup and Cool Downs by creating a Custom workout.
  • You'll receive notifications when you are in the Warmup and Cool Down intervals.

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