Image of the Sony ZV-1 camera

Camera - Sony ZV-1

You don't need an expensive camera with interchangeable lenses to get started on YouTube, but you do need something better than your mobile phone.

Camera manufacturers are tapping into the YouTuber market producing cameras made for video rather than photography.

This camera has everything a YouTuber needs: a 1.8f lens for blurry backgrounds, 4K recording, microphone input, 180-degree flip screen, and the best auto-focus in the business. 

This camera is better than anything Canon offers at a similar price. I should know, I own the Canon.

image of recommended key light for recording studio

Key Light -  Neewer Softbox Lighting Kit

For all my lighting and tripods, I go with Neewer. They are a fraction of the cost of bigger brand names but offer excellent quality.

This big softbox provides bright, soft, natural-looking light. It does a great job of illuminating me while softening all the imperfections of my aging skin!

Image of fill lights I use for my recording studio

Fill Light - Neewer Dimmable Bi-Color 480 LED Lights

These dimmable LED panels are so bright you can use them as an alternative Key or Backlight. They are also versatile and small enough to take on the road. And, because they're LEDs, you'll never need to replace the bulbs.

Image of a back light I use in my recording studio

Back Light - Neewer LED Light Stick

This vertical strip light stands hidden behind me when I'm presenting. It shines against the wall illuminating my frame while at the same time masking any scuffs on the wall.

Image of the tripod I use in my studio

Tripod - Neewer Professional Heavy Duty Tripod

Strong enough to support my camera and teleprompter's weight while light and compact enough to carry in one hand. Winner!

Image of the Glide Gear TMP 100 teleprompter I use

Teleprompter - Glide Gear TMP100

If you struggle to express your thoughts clearly on camera, a teleprompter is a lifesaver. I bought the Glide Gear TMP100 last year and have never looked back. It is well built, fixes easily to your tripod, with a standard screw fitting to connect all camera types.


image of TechSmith Camtasia logo


Compared to both Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere, Camtasia is both cheaper and quicker to learn.

It has all the features you need to create engaging, professional-looking YouTube videos without requiring a university degree in video editing. That said, there are 50+ free video tutorials on the website, so you'll be an expert in no time.

The other reason I love Camtasia is that it is a one-off purchase, not a subscription. You can, however, also purchase the annual maintenance package to get free upgrades to the next release and instant tech support. Highly Recommended!


WPX Hosting logo


One of the biggest Google ranking factors is the speed of your website. If your pages are slow to load, it will annoy you, your readers, and Google.

Yes, you could go with Bluehost, but eventually, you'll regret it and want to transfer your site to a faster hosting provider. Trust me; I've just been through it. Save yourself this headache by going with the fastest hosting provider from the outset - WPX.

No, they're not the cheapest, but, yes, they are the best. The link below is for their cheapest Micro plan, which they don't officially advertise...