by Anthony 

August 16, 2023

There are two requirements for recording a Zoom meeting on your iPhone. Firstly, only subscription users on one of Zoom’s paid plans can record meetings on their iPhone. The feature is not available to free users. Secondly, you must be the host of the meeting. The record option is not available for participants.

If you are a subscription user, regardless of whether you are on the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans, you can initiate a recording by clicking on the three dots menu icon and then choosing ‘record to the cloud’. On Android, I believe the option just reads ‘Record’ rather than ‘Record to the Cloud’. 


Once the recording starts you will see confirmation in the top, right corner of the screen. Clicking on the recording notification allows you to either stop or pause the recording. Ending the meeting will also stop the recording.

Any activity outside of the app is not recorded, unless you are also sharing your screen. So, if you swipe out of the Zoom app to reply to a message or check another app, these interactions are not recorded by Zoom.

The recording is not processed until after the meeting has finished. Zoom will notify you by email when the recording is available. In the email is a link to access the recording and there is a second link you can use to share the recording with others. You’ll need to share both the link and the password for others to be able to access the recording.

You can also access the recording yourself by logging into your Zoom account in a browser and choosing Recordings. Or if you are in the Zoom desktop app, open the Settings window, choose Recording, and click the Manage button, under Cloud Recordings. There is also a useful indicator to show you how much of your cloud storage you’ve used. 

If it was a long meeting, it might take a while before the video is ready to download.

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Key Takeaways

  • You must be on a paid plan to record Zoom meetings.
  • Zoom will pause the recording if you switch to a different app.
  • Zoom recordings are saved to the cloud.
  • You must be hosting the meeting. Metting participants cannot record.
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