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How to Block a Specific Website on Mac & PC


You would think that blocking a website would be fairly easy but none of the big four browser offer it as an option.

The simplest way to block a specific website is to use a browser extension, such as BlockSite. You can also use the parental controls built into Mac OS and Windows, or a distraction-reducing app like Self-Control; designed to maintain focus and include website blocking features.

By far, the quickest and easiest option for blocking a website is to install a browser extension. In this article I’ll demonstrate exactly how to do it in Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Edge. The video below covers all four browsers but, if you'd prefer to skip to the browser of your choice, just use the table of contents below the video. Enjoy!

How To Block a Website in Chrome

Open the Chrome menu by clicking on the three dots

  • You'll find them in the top right corner of the Chrome window.

Hover over More Tools and select Extensions.

This will open Chrome's Extensions Window.

Click on the three bars to view the Extensions menu.

  • The Extensions menu is in the top left corner of the window.

Open the Chrome Web Store.

Type 'BlockSite' in the search field.

Click Add to Chrome followed by Add Extension.

Installed Extensions appear next to the address bar.

Accept the privacy policy.

Click the jigsaw puzzle icon to show more Extensions.

Pin the icon to keep it displayed.

Browse to the website you wish to block.

Click on the extension icon and select Block Site.

Done! You will no longer be able to view the website.

How To Block a Website in Firefox

View Firefox settings by clicking the three bars.

  • You'll find them located in the top right corner of your Firefox browser window.

From the settings menu, select Add-ons.

In the search field type 'BlockSite' and press Enter.

Choose Firefox's recommended BlockSite extension.

When prompted, click Add to Firefox followed by Add.

Elect whether to allow the extension in Private mode.

Installed Extensions appear next to the address bar.

  • You'll find them in the top right corner of the screen, next to the settings menu.

Browse to the website you wish to block.

Click on the extension icon and select Block Site.

You will no longer be able to view the website.

How To Block a Website in Microsoft Edge

Start by clicking on the ‘menu’ button.

  • The menu button is the three vertical dots, situated in the top right corner of the browser window.

Type 'BlockSite' in the search menu.

  • Microsoft Edge has recently undergone a major facelift. Consequently, you might your search query might not return many results. Not to worry, you can still use older Edge extensions or even Chrome extensions. 

Again, type ‘BlockSite’ in the search field.

Press Enter.

The Extension will appear next to the address bar.

  • You should see your freshly installed extension in the top right corner of the window, next to where you earlier pressed the menu button.

Browse to the website you wish to block.

Click on the extension icon and select Block Site.

Done! You'll no longer be able to view that website.

How To Block a Website in Safari on Mac OS

To block a website for Safari, I recommend installing a free application because there isn’t a browser extension available for the job.

Extensions in Safari work slightly differently to the other browsers. When you click on Safari Extensions from the Safari menu bar, you’re taken to the Mac App Store. As a result, many (if not all) extensions for Safari are actually stand-alone applications.

All the apps I tried from the App Store said they were ‘free’ but had ‘in-app purchases’. In all cases, after installing the free app, the in-app purchase was required to make the app even remotely useable. A complete waste of time. 

That’s why I recommend using an app I found on the Internet, rather than one from the App Store.

The app I found is a very suitable, lightweight, and a bonafide free application, called Self-Control. If the name sounds odd for a website blocking app, that is because Self-Control’s main function is to focus your attention and reduce procrastination by blocking distractions, such as... (you guessed it) websites.

My only gripe with Self-Control is that websites can only be blocked for a maximum of 24 hours. To continue blocking a website, you’ll need to restart the countdown timer once 24hours has passed, or each time you log into your PC.

If you're still willing to give it a try, here’s how to install and use Self-Control to block a website...

Download Self-Control from

Drag the downloaded app to the Applications folder.

Once finished installing, click the icon to open.

Mac OS may ask you to approve some security settings.

Having opened the app, click the Continue button.

Click on 'Edit Block List' and the plus button.

Add the name of the website you wish to block.

Close the window and drag the gauge to set the timer.

  • This controls the length of time you wish the site to be blocked for - up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Click start. The timer will begin to count down.

Done! You'll no longer be able to view that website.

I hope you found this useful. If you know of a better or more efficient way of blocking sites, be sure to leave a comment below. I'd love to hear from you!

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