September 24

How Can I Contact Spotify?


When providing help and useful information, Spotify not only caters to its users but also for Artists, Podcasters, and other businesses wishing to engage with the platform. Here are all the ways to contact Spotify, regardless of how you use the platform, starting with users and subscribers.

Subscribers and users can contact Spotify through the Spotify support pages or by posting to the twitter handle @SpotifyCares or on the SpotifyCares Facebook page. There is a community forum, where users provide advice to each other, and Spotify also provides Live Chat but not telephone support.

Free & Premium Subscribers

Here's a list of links for all of Spotify's contact points for their users...

Spotify’s Support Pages

Spotify try to answer users' questions from the information  contained within their support pages. Many frequently answered questions are listed on the support site and you can drill down through the options based on the nature of your query. There’s also a search facility if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

Spotify's Live Chat & Support Bot

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, you should see a green button, which reads, “I Still Need Help”. Clicking this button will open the contact page form, where you can enter your details and your query. 

Depending on the nature of your query Spotify will either connect you directly with a staff member via Live Chat or a Support Bot in a Live Chat session. If the Support Bot can’t help, a staff member will take over.

Spotify’s Community Forum

The Spotify Community is a huge resource. It’s very likely your query has already been raised and answered by other Spotify members. If you’re looking for a quick response, this may be your best option, since Spotify has an army of keen members moderating the questions. There’s also an option to post follow up questions through the comments section.

Twitter & Facebook

Another option for a quick response is Spotify’s Twitter and Facebook pages which both use the handle @SpotifyCares. You can also tweet your question to @AskRockStars to get a response from the most knowledgeable people in the Spotify community. Just bear in mind that your question and the answer will be publicly accessible. The same goes for posting on the Community forum. If your query requires providing account information you can direct message them from their Facebook page.


The options for contacting Spotify for artists and podcasters are more limited, unless you’re an A-Lister, then I guess Spotify will contact you personally :D. 

As far as I am aware, Spotify does not offer Telephone or Live Chat support for Artists or Podcasters.

Here's a list of links for all of Spotify's contact points for Artists...

Spotify Artists can contact Spotify using their dedicated Contact Us form. Alternatively, there is a FAQ section and help guides. 

Guides are more for Artists looking to get started publishing their content on Spotify. They include information for artists wishing to create Playlists and recommendations on how artists can promote their music. Also included in these guides are what content is prohibited on Spotify.


Here's a list of links for all of Spotify's contact points for Podcasters...

Like with Artists, Spotify provides podcasters with a comprehensive FAQ, which is part of Spotify’s Podcaster Help Center. Podcasters wishing to speak to someone directly can only do so by using a Contact Us form.

Advertisers & Brand Managers 

Brand managers and creative agencies looking to advertise on the Spotify platform can contact Spotify using the ‘Let’s Talk’ pop-up contact form in the bottom-left corner of Spotify’s Advertising homepage.

Spotify also has a dedicated Ad Studio and Help Center for those looking for more information and wishing to create and manage adverts on Spotify’s platform.

Journalists & The Press

For The Record is where news agencies can find helpful information and journalists can contact Spotify using a dedicated contact form.

Employment Inquiries

Those looking to apply for a job with Spotify will find lots of useful information and employment opportunities on Spotify’s Join The Band pages.

Spotify's Head Offices

Spotify has offices in locations around the world. You can find the address of each of their offices on their About Us page. The address of Spotify’s US Head Office is:

4 World Trade Center

150 Greenwich Street, 62nd Floor

New York, NY 10007


Alternatively, you can email any one of Spotify’s Head Offices using the email address:

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