by Anthony 

November 10, 2022

Sharing a Reminder on iPhone

As of iOS and iPadOS 16, and Mac Ventura, you can share Lists within the Reminders app with anyone else on an Apple device.

To share a reminder open the Reminders app and choose a list; either the default list containing all your reminders or a list you’ve created. Click on the Share icon in the top right corner of the app, and choose the person or persons from your contacts you wish to share your reminder with. 

The share icon for sharing a reminder on iPhone


List of contacts you can share a reminder with on iPhone

iCloud Settings

It’s worth noting, for this to work correctly, both you and the people you are sharing with, need to have Reminders enabled in iCloud Settings on all of your devices. It’s also worth noting that you can’t share individual reminders, only the list that contains the reminder or reminders

Enable Reminders in iCloud to share reminders

How Shared Reminders Work

Your reminder is sent using the Messages app, so you can also add a bit of text with your message. When the recipient receives your message they simply need to click on the link and it will open in their reminders app.

Share reminders using the messages app on iPhone

Apple calls this Collaborative Reminders because updates made to a shared list will be reflected on everyone's devices. When someone completes a task or adds a new one, everyone collaborating in the list is updated.

Managing Your Shared Reminders

As the creator of the list, you can manage your list by clicking on the icon of the person you’re sharing with and choosing Manage Shared List.

Managing shared reminders on iPhone

In the Manage Shared List options you can add additional recipients to the list. You can choose if you want to be notified about updates to the list; who has permission to add people to the list, and you can stop sharing your list altogether.

Lists Vs Reminders

You have a default list, simply called Reminders, which contains all your reminders across all lists, but you can create your own lists to manage and group your reminders. When you create a new list you can give it a name, a colour and its own icon. Then you can start adding your reminders.

Creating a List in the Reminders app on iPhone

Swiping left on each reminder gives you the option to flag it as important, delete it or see more details. You can set a date and time for your reminder, apply tags, and be notified of the reminder when visiting a certain location or when messaging someone.

Sharing Reminders With Older Devices

If you wish to share your reminder with someone on an older device, not running the latest operating system, you won’t see their contact icon. Instead simply send them a message, which works in exactly the same way. Having received your message, your recipient will click on the link to add your list to their Reminders app.

Sharing a reminder using the messages app on iPhone

Alternatively you can email them the link, which again works in exactly the same way.

Sharing a reminder using the email app on iPhone

You Can't Share A Smart Reminder

It’s worth noting that you can’t share a Smart List. When you create a new list there’s an option to turn it into a smart list. This is quite useful as you can add reminders to a smart list by using certain filters, such a certain tag, a date or location.

Converting a List to a Smart List

However, the share option disappears for a smart list, so that’s something just to be wary of.

Finally, all the same options to share a reminder work exactly the same on iPad and Mac OS, and conveniently the buttons are all positioned similarly within the app across all devices.

The reminder app on iPad and MacOS

Key Takeaways

  • Share a reminder by clicking on the Share icon and choosing people in your contacts list.
  • Both you and your recipients will need Reminders enabled in iCloud settings. 
  • You can only share lists, not individual reminders. 
  • You cannot share smart lists.
  • Sharing reminders work exactly the same way on iPhone, iPad and Mac OS.

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