by Anthony 

June 19, 2022

In this article we’ll walk through how to record your Android screen, firstly by using the built-in screen recorder on your phone, which is by far the easiest way, then by screencasting your Android display to a Windows PC and recording on the PC, and finally doing the same thing on a Mac. Let’s get into it!

Screen Recording Using Android’s Screen Recorder

By far the easiest way to record your Android screen is to use the built-in screen recorder, which you can access from Quick Settings. Swipe down from the top of the screen to access Quick Settings and Notifications, and then swipe down again to access the full list of Quick Settings. Swipe right and there you should see the Screen Record option.

Screen Record Quick Setting on Android


If you’re planning on using this feature frequently I would recommend rearranging these icons by clicking on the edit button. Drag each Quick Setting to rearrange them and when you’re done click on the back button. By moving your screen recorder to the top of your Quick Settings list you’ll no longer have to swipe down twice to access it.

Edit Quick Settings on Android

Clicking on the Screen Recording shortcut will prompt you to confirm whether you wish to record audio as well as the screen, and then you can just hit Start. You’ll notice the little red icon which indicates you’re recording.

Start Screen Recording on Android

It’s worth noting that the screen recorder will not record anything that Android considers private or sensitive information. Those screens will just appear blacked out on the recording. There’s no indication at the time of recording, you’ll only know during playback.

When you’ve finished recording, swipe down again and press the big red Stop notification. The recording will save to your videos folder, which you can either access directly from Notifications or you’ll also find your recording in your Photos app, under your library. Finally, you’ll also find it saved in your Files app, in the Videos folder.

You can then connect your Android to your PC or Mac to transfer the video.

View Screen Recording on Android

How To Screen Record Android to PC

To screencast your Android screen to a Windows PC and record directly on the PC, I recommend an excellent free app called LetsView. Start by installing the app on both your PC and your Android phone.

On Android search the Play store for LetsView and on Windows browse to Once installed, open both applications.

Installing LetsView on PC and Android

It is important to note that both your PC and your phone will need to be on the same WiFi network to connect the two LetsView apps. LetsView works by essentially screencasting from your Android phone to your PC using the app. If you’re having any difficulty connecting the app, check your WIFI settings on both devices because it is most likely the cause of any issues.

The mobile app will need access to your location settings before it can connect to the WIFI network. Having found your WIFI connection, your PC name will appear in the mobile app. Before connecting it’s worth making a couple of changes to the Settings. 

Connecting LetsView app on Android

First on the mobile app, click on Me followed by Settings. Here you can set the resolution of the display to a maximum of 1080p and you can set the mirroring quality to either HD, Ultra or Super HD. Since the resolution only allows for a 1080p I'm not sure whether it’s worth setting the mirror quality any higher than HD, but I’ll usually set it to Ultra HD.

LetsView app Settings on Android

The other setting that is worth checking, is on the PC app. Click on this icon in the top corner of the screen, choose Settings and scroll all the way down to the Output directory which is where your recording will be saved to. Click on the 3 dots icon and choose your preferred location. I’ll choose my Videos folder and I’ll close out of Settings.. 

LetsView Settings on Windows PC

Back on your mobile phone click on your PC name, choose Phone Screen Mirroring and hit Start Now
to begin casting. The desktop app should now display your mobile screen and to begin recording click on the Record button at the top of the window. Now everything you do on your phone will be mirrored and recorded on your PC.

Screen Recording from Android to PC

As before any sensitive information displayed on your Android phone will not be screencast and therefore not recorded. When you’re ready to finish recording again click on the Record button on the PC to stop. Your video file will be saved to your preferred location. Don’t forget to disconnect the screencast by clicking Disconnect on the mobile app.

How To Screen Record Android to Mac

Screen recording your Android phone on a mac, is exactly the same as on a PC. We’ll again use the free app called LetsView, which we’ll need to run on both our Mac and Android device.

To install LetsVierw on your Mac, open Safari and search for LetsView. Click on the link and then click Download and once downloaded run through the usual installation process. Do the same on your Android device. Search for LetsView in the PlayStore, and install the app. 

As mentioned before, for the app to work correctly both your phone and Mac need to be connected to the same WIFI connection. If you have any connectivity issues it’ll likely be that both devices aren’t connected to WIFI. You’ll need to allow the mobile app access to your location before it can connect to your WIFI network. Having found your WIFI connection, the name of your Mac computer will be displayed in the mobile app.

Connecting LetsView to WIFI

Before connecting it’s worth changing the resolution of the screencasting and the save location for your recordings. To change the resolution, on the mobile app, click on Me followed by Settings. Here you can set the resolution to a maximum of 1080p and you can set the mirroring quality to either HD, Ultra or Super HD. I’ll set mine to Ultra HD.

Back on the Mac application you can change the save location for recordings by clicking on the menu icon in the top corner of the screen, choosing Settings and scrolling all the way to the bottom of the options. Click on the 3 dots to change the location. I’m happy with the Movies folder so I’ll click open and close out of Settings.

Start screencasting by clicking on your Mac name in the mobile app, choose Phone Screen Mirroring and hit Start Now.The desktop app will now switch to displaying your mobile screen and to start recording press the Record button at the top of the window.

Connecting LetsView Screen Recorder to Mac

When you’re done recording, again click on the Record button in the top corner of the Let's View app on your mac. You can then choose Open Folder to view your saved video. 

Recording Android Screen on Mac

To stop screencasting go back into the mobile app and hit disconnect.

And there we have it. That is how to Screen Record on an Android Phone. If you found this post useful I have lots of other useful articles you may find interesting, such as How To Search Google Using An Image or check out my YouTube channel for lots more videos.

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