November 16

Can the Host See Private Chat Messages in Zoom?


Since we’ve all been working from home, one of the most common questions between my colleagues is whether the Host of a Zoom meeting has special access to see messages sent between participants? To be absolutely sure, I decided to test it.

The host of a Zoom meeting cannot see private chat messages sent between participants in a meeting. Participants have the option to message each other, the host, or everyone. The Host can only see chat messages sent directly to them or broadcast to everyone.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of my test you can watch this video.

As I mention in the video, my result confirms what Zoom state on their own support pages.

Be Mindful Of Those Default Settings

Just be aware that the default setting is to broadcast messages to everyone. It is crucial to select the ‘Send To’ option and choose the participant you wish to message before writing your message.

It’s also worth noting that, according to Zoom, chat messages are not transcribed or displayed on recordings of the meeting.  

However, this might not be true for the Host. If, as the Host, you send a message to another participant, this may be recorded in the transcript or shown in the recording. Be careful before sharing your transcript and recording with others. It’s always worth watching it over once, or reading it through, to be on the safe side.

Of course, the best approach is to be polite and courteous at all times while on a call. That way, if the worst was to happen, and you inadvertently broadcast a message, no one will be upset, and you’ll be able to put it down to ‘technical difficulties.’

  • The individual participants can save their own chats if that setting is enabled in the admin console. So if anyone is sending you unsolicited private messages, then you can copy those chats if you have that option. It only saves all the messages you send or receive. This applies to the host as well.

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