A Guide to Downloading Blinkist Audio for Offline Listening

One of the features of a Blinkist Premium subscription is the ability to download your Books-in-Blinks ahead of listening to them. This saves on mobile data usage and ensures uninterrupted access in areas with patchy cell signal, or if you're flying.

Before starting to download, you should check your Blinkist settings, as there are some useful features that you might want to enable or disable, depending on your preferences.

To learn how to download audio, watch the video or read on for a step-by-step guide and some helpful time-saving and data-saving tips when using Blinkist.


Start by Checking Your Audio Settings

  • 1
    Tap on You in the menu bar and the Settings cog. 
Blinkist You menu screen
  • 2
    Swipe down to Audio settings. Here you have 3 options:  
Blinkist audio settings
  • Enabling Auto Download audio will automatically download the audio for every book you add to your library, saving you time and having to remember. If you tend to keep many books in your Library, you may want to also enable the following option.
  • Auto Delete on Completion will delete the audio file after you have finished reading a book. Enabling this setting will minimise the amount of storage space Blinkist consumes on your mobile. 
  • Enabling Download with Mobile Data will allow Blinkist to download books regardless of whether you are using WiFi or your cellular connection to access the Internet. If you are worried about mobile data usage, be wary of enabling this option in conjunction with the Auto Download option.

If Download with Mobile Data option is disabled, you will not be able to listen to books that you have not pre-downloaded until your phone has a WiFi connection. The following message will appear stating that the Audio stream has been paused due to connectivity issues.

Blinkist message audio streaming has been paused due to connectivity issues

Add a book to your Blinkist Library

  • 3
    You can only download books that are in your Blinkist Library. To add a book to your Library, click on the + button.
Add a book to your Blinkist Library by taping on the plus icon

Tap to on the headphones to download

  • 4
    To start the download process, in your Library, tap on the headphones icon next to each book. There is no limit to how many books you can download at any one time. However, the more you select, the slower the process will take.
Tap the Blinist heaphone icon to download the audio
  • 5
    The headphone icon will turn grey when the download is complete.
Blinkist grey headphone icon indicates the download is complete

Turn on flight mode to test

  • 6
    You can test that your books have successfully downloaded by turning on flight mode and listening to one of your books.
Enable flight mode

Play the audio

  • 7
    Tap on a book to open it and tap Listen to begin the audio playback.
Tap on a book in your library to begin listening
Tap on listen to start the audio playback of your book