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How to Combine or Merge PDFs for Free on iPhone & iPad

It’s not often that you’ll likely need to merge PDFs using an IOS device. When it happened to me, I was at the departure gate, waiting to catch a flight. I got a call from the office.”Hey Anthony, is there any chance you can bundle up those documents you created into one file and send

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5 Reasons Why Online Courses Are Not For Everyone

Before we start, I want to acknowledge the elephant in the room. I think online courses are great. So much so I recently wrote an article called “12 Reasons Why Online Courses Are Great”. That said, while writing that piece, I realised that online courses are not for everyone and do not suit every situation.

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12 Reasons Why Online Courses Are A Good Idea

I often receive emails from readers asking whether I think online courses are worth it.For many careers, online courses cannot replace traditional college or university qualifications. However, the positives of taking an online course far outweigh the negatives. Taking an online course is an opportunity to learn something new or supplement existing knowledge.So, if you’re

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The Best Anatomy & Physiology Courses Online Today

For as long as we inhabit the earth, there will always be a demand for medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, practitioners of sports medicine, therapists and lab workers. These careers promise continued employment and competitive salaries. For students considering a career in any of these professions,  a sound knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is fundamental. Whether

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The Easiest Way To Learn Adobe Photoshop

I was recently sent an email from a reader asking, ‘what is the easiest way to learn Adobe Photoshop?’ I’m not a graphic designer, but through building websites, I taught myself Photoshop over a period of 3-4 years. My path was mostly haphazard, tedious and required considerable will power.I realise now that it needn’t have

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The Best Way To Learn 3DS Max

Most people wanting to learn 3DS Max will fall into one of two categories. They’re either a seasoned Maya user starting a job that requires Max. Or, they’re just starting out and keen to demonstrate their expertise to potential employers. Either way, the software remains hugely popular within the industry, which raises the question, what’s

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7 Wonderful Online Courses For Learning About Christianity

Few subjects have influenced the western world as much as Christianity. The Bible continues to be the most read book in the world, and its teachings inform our judicial systems, our culture and our beliefs. To study Christianity is to learn about God, Jesus, the Roman Empire, the history and geography of the Middle East,

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The Best Online Courses for Learning Qigong

You might not have heard of Qigong but, chances are, if you walk through a park, you’ll see people doing it.

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Ethical Hacking – The Courses & Certs You Need To Succeed

The purpose of a hacker is to find vulnerabilities in computer systems and exploit them. The goal of an ethical hacker entirely depends on who you work for.In the private sector, ethical hackers are commonly employed as Penetration Testers, Pen Testers for short. The job of a Pen Tester is to identify vulnerabilities in a

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8 Online Courses For Learning Astrology From Around The World

Astrology has been studied and practised by ancient civilizations, races and religions for centuries. The ancient Mayans, western & eastern cultures and the Hindu religion have all, at one time or another, adopted their own forms of astrology. In western culture, astrology was once considered an academic area of study, as important as other sciences such

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