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Can You Record a Zoom Meeting Without Permission?

There are of course two answers to whether a participant can record a Zoom meeting without permission. The first is from a technical viewpoint and the second is a question of legality. In both regards, I believe the answer is no.A participant cannot record a meeting within Zoom without first getting permission from the Host.

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Can the Host See Private Chat Messages in Zoom?

Since we’ve all been working from home, one of the most common questions between my colleagues is whether the Host of a Zoom meeting has special access to see messages sent between participants? To be absolutely sure, I decided to test it.The host of a Zoom meeting cannot see private chat messages sent between participants

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How To Stop A Computer Virus on Windows With Free Tools

While the thought of a virus infecting your computer can be scary, in many cases, it can be fixed by following a few simple steps and using tools freely available on the Internet. Here’s my recommendation for how to stop a virus that has infected your computer.Download AdwCleaner from Malwarebytes and RKill from BleepingComputer. Ensure

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Three Ways To Stop Pop-Up Ads In Chrome

Pop-up ads are not only annoying; they can be harmful to your computer. Here are three ways to stop pop-up ads in Chrome.Ensure pop-ups are blocked for the site you’re visiting by clicking on the padlock in the address bar and selecting Site Settings. Install AdBlockerPlus as an extension, and restore your browser’s default settings.

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How To Use Lastpass To Store Creditcard Information

If you’re familiar with my YouTube channel and this blog, you’ll know I’m a big fan of LastPass. Using a password manager, like LastPass, is hands-down the most secure method of implementing secure passwords for all your online accounts. However, you can also use LastPass to store credit card informationYou can use Lastpass to autofill

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how to block a website on mac and pc

How to Block a Specific Website on Mac & PC

You would think that blocking a website would be fairly easy but none of the big four browser offer it as an option.The simplest way to block a specific website is to use a browser extension, such as BlockSite. You can also use the parental controls built into Mac OS and Windows, or a distraction-reducing

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How To Remove 3rd Party App Access to your Google Account on iPhone & Desktop

Remove third-party app access to your Google account by signing into Google or opening a Google app. Click on your avatar and choose Manage your Account. Click on Security, expand Third-Party Access and click on Remove Access against each app. Quick Navigation Third-Party App Access – Risk vs RewardAsk Yourself 3 QuestionsAccessing Your Account Using

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The Best Free Software to Resize Partitions on Windows 10

Did you know you can resize a NTFS volume/partition in Windows 10 without any additional software using the built-in application called Disk Management? Later in this article, I’ll show you how but what if the partition you want to resize uses ExFAT, FAT32 or EXT4 file system? Well, there’s a great free tool that can

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