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So you’re considering joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA). In this article, I’ll walk you through the exact steps it takes to join up. We’ll compare free and premium membership. Look at some of the success stories from others who have already joined. Finally, we will discuss how you can sign up if your country blocks access to the Wealthy Affiliate website.


The 6 steps to joining wealthy affiliates:

Step 1 - Click the link to open the sign-up page.

I suggest choosing the free Starter membership option. This will give you an opportunity to have a look around and start the training. Once you have signed up, you will receive a promotional discount for the first month of premium membership at $19.

Wealthy Affiliate First Month Discount

Wealthy Affiliate First Month Discount

Step 2 - Fill out the sign-up form.

You’ll need to provide a name, email address, and username. WA will give some suggested usernames, if your first choice is not available.

Wealthy Affiliate Sign-Up Page

Wealthy Affiliate Sign-Up Page

Step 3 - Check your email. 

Once you have joined, you will receive a welcome email from Kyle and Carson the founders. It includes advice on getting started and useful links. The email is just an informational email, you don’t need to confirm your details. 

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Email

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Email

Step 4 - Take the Welcome Tour. 

The first time you log in, you’ll see the welcome tour pop-up. This guides you through the different menu options you see on the Dashboard and their purpose.

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Tour Page 3

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Tour Page 3

Step 5 - Create a profile. 

You should start by filling in your profile details. This will help you to engage with the WA community. Add a photo of yourself, provide a brief description and what you’re hoping to achieve. If you have any questions you can ask the community directly or ask me - my username is Anthony-FOA. I’ll be happy to help you get started!

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Profile Page 1

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Profile Page 1

Step 6 - Start the training.

Finally, the last step is to start training. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start earning money!

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Beginner Course

Wealthy Affiliate Welcome Beginner Course

Deciding whether to upgrade to Premium membership after you join.

As a free starter, you can create 2 free websites, hosted on WA’s SiteRubix hosting platform. The domain name you pick will have the suffix. For example,

If you prefer to use your own domain name, without the SiteRubix suffix, you’ll need to purchase a domain and upgrade to premium membership. You can buy the domain directly in the WA platform. Domain privacy is included in the price. This means your personal details will not appear against your domain name registration in the WHOIS public database.

Joining as a premium member will unlock all the training classrooms, access to the live webinars and a whole host of other features. If you'd like more information on the exact differences between Free and Premium membership, you can find it here. WA offers the first month at a special discounted rate of $19. Subsequent months are billed at $49.

Paying monthly is, however, the most expensive option.  You can also pay for 6 months which works out at $39 per month, or the cheapest option is to sign up annually, which works out at $29.92 a month. You can pay using either Paypal or a credit card.

Cheapest Premium Plan


To maximise my savings, I started with the $19 first month special and then bought the annual membership. You can purchase the extended membership at any time within your first month. It will not be activated until the first month is over.

Using this method I paid a total of $378 for 13 months ($19 for the 1st month plus 359 for the annual membership). This worked out at $29.08 per month, a saving of $10.92. It all helps!

It's worth noting that if you start your website with a free SiteRubix domain name you can always transfer it into your own domain name later, once you join as a premium member. WA will help you do this.

If it sounds expensive bear in mind, not only are you getting all the training and access to a thriving affiliate community. You are also getting hosting for 25 websites. If you follow the lessons, it is likely you will start several websites, each one earning passive income. You will not have to pay anything to host these additional sites.

When can you expect to start seeing results and recoup the cost of joining?

Success in Affiliate Marketing is about page views. The more page views your website receives the higher your potential to earn money through advertising and recommending affiliate products.

If you are relying on Google Search results for page views, it can take time for your website to index and your articles to start ranking. I am a member of both WA and Project 24, a course run by Income School. Both WA and Income School suggest it can take 6 months for your articles to rank highly in Google. This is worth considering when you join.

Both WA and Income School also agree that your results will improve exponentially over time as you increase the content on your site and increase your page views.

Perseverance and consistency is the key to being successful as an affiliate marketer. To give you an example, here are two Wealthy Affiliate members that became members back in 2016 - Jerry and Liz.

In march Jerry launched his own Mandarin Affiliate Marketing course and made $100,000 in a week. Here's what Jerry wrote...

"Last week, I Pre-Launched my Mandarin Affiliate Marketing Course and I made over $40K in 4 hours time.
One week has passed and my Pre-Launch Offer has just ended.
To be honest, there's no word that can describe how happy and excited I am.
I worked hard for months. And all the hard work just paid off HUGE.
Over the past week, I made over $100K with 500+ active students."

Jerry's Blog Post

In March 2017, one year after joining Liz posted on the WA community board that she was finally able to quit work to focus on her online business. Here's what Liz wrote...

"Well, just got my notification from WA that I have been here for one year. What a year it has been!

The last 5 months has been profitable for me to the point I actually quit my part time job and am now pretty much full time online apart from a few private students which I actually want to hang onto because they get me away from my computer which I think is healthy. This has been really fantastic and I just love being my own boss."

Liz's Blog Post

How to join WA from a restricted country?

It is worth noting that WA has restricted membership for some countries because WA have experienced a high level of fraudulent subscription payments. To my knowledge, the current list of restricted countries are:











To be honest, there are conflicting messages on the WA message board about restricted countries. Some members living in restricted countries have said they have been successful by immediately signing up as a premium member and not creating a free account. Others have said they can only sign up for a free account.

An alternative method I have read about is to try using a VPN. If you’re not familiar with a VPN, in simple terms, it routes your internet activity through a server located in another country. Let’s use the United States in this example. Anyone monitoring your internet traffic will see your location as the United States.

This will work, but you still have the problem of paying for your premium membership. If you already have a PayPal account, it should be fine. But, I don’t think it will work using a credit card since this kind of tactic is what prompted WA to start restricting countries in the first place.

Contact me if you need help joining Wealthy Affiliate from a Restricted Country

There has been a lot of discussion in the WA forum about how this restriction is unfair on people living in these countries who wish to join legitimately. Because of this, I am considering helping people from these countries. I would appreciate feedback in the comments.

Here’s is my idea:

If you are a person living in a restricted country and want to join WA legitimately, you would pay me directly into my PayPal account or by other means. We would wait for your transaction to be processed and cleared to confirm it is not fraudulent.

Once completed I will sign you up to WA using my own credit card (I live in Australia which is not restricted). You could watch me do this, and I would provide you will all your account details. You would change your password, so I no longer have access your account.

I realise that paying me upfront requires you to trust that I would do the right thing and not take your money. And why would you do that, since you don’t know me?

Well, firstly, this transaction would benefit both of us because I am an affiliate for WA. I will receive a percentage of your membership fee. This is given to me by WA; it will not cost you anything extra.

Secondly, I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for 2 years, and my websites are hosted with them. I will not want to do anything that might risk my membership. If I receive enough interest, I will discuss the idea with Kyle, the owner of WA, before starting.

If this is something people from restricted countries would be interested in please leave a comment below or email me. If I get enough feedback, I will talk to Kyle and do some more research.