Are You Interested In Earning Money From Home? We Hire Writers.
No Experience Required.

Here's how it works....

Everyone has a skill, an interest, or a hobby.

The Faculty of Apps encourages people to develop their interests by recommending useful apps and online courses. Whatever your chosen career or interest, there are like-minded people who could use your guidance and knowledge.

I'm always on the lookout for people who are keen to write about their chosen interest or expertise using a specific software application or mobile app. Just simply fill in the contact form below.

I'll respond to you via email and within a few days, I'll send you several titles for articles based on the information you provided. If one of those titles is something you would be interested in writing about, I'll pay you 2 cents a word to write an article.

All articles must be between 1500 to 2000 words unless otherwise stated, which means you'll earn between $30 and $40 (USD) per article.

I'll provide the article title, a rough outline of what I'd like included in the article and the expected word count.

It's okay if you're not an experienced writer or your grammar is not perfect. You should, however, be able to write in fluent English.

If you enjoy the process and I'm happy with the article, we can arrange for you to write more articles on a regular basis.

A Few Important Points...

  • You will be paid within 7 days of submitting an article. I'm based in Australia so the seven days gives me a chance to organise international currency transfers. In most cases, I can pay directly into your bank account.
  • All payments are paid in United States dollars (USD) unless we arrange differently.
  • Plagiarism, 'spinning' or duplication of articles is expressly forbidden. If you quote someone, please use suitable notation and include the link to the original text. All articles are tested for plagiarism, and I will not pay for articles that fail the test.
  • Once submitted and paid for,  the Faculty of Apps becomes the sole owner of the article you write.  You have no right to the ownership of article text, no right to re-post the articles on other websites, and may not claim ownership of the text.
  • I can alter the article as I see fit, and I do not automatically provide credit or attribution to the original writer. If you want to be attributed, this maybe possible. Please let me know in the contact form.