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How to Cancel Grammarly Subscription and Get a Refund

If you’ve ever accidentally signed up for an annual Grammarly subscription and instantly changed your mind or your subscription auto-renewed without you realizing, you may want to cancel your subscription and request a refund.To cancel a Grammarly subscription, log into your Grammarly account from a laptop or desktop internet browser. You cannot cancel Grammarly from

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How to Setup and Change Hotkeys in Snagit on PC and Mac

If you write technical documents or spend a good chunk of your time explaining how to do things on a computer, you’ll no doubt know that Snagit is a godsend. If a picture tells a thousand words, Snagit can save a thousand hours spent explaining how to do both simple and complex tasks. As with

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How to Record a Section of Screen For Free on Windows & Mac

There are a multitude of free screen recorders out there, either as browser extensions or as standalone applications. Unfortunately, the vast majority are rubbish, producing stuttering, jittery video or they are limited to only recording in full screen or the active window. They don’t allow users to set the area of screen to record.This is

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How to Reduce the File Size of a JPEG, Not its Dimensions!

Inevitably when referring to the size of a jpeg or photo, there is always some confusion. Does the ‘size’ refer to the file size of the photo (measured in megabytes or kilobytes) or the dimensions of the photo (usually measured in pixels)? In this article, I’ll show you how to reduce the file size of

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How to Edit PDFs using Snagit: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Portable Document Format has been around since 1992. Back in the early 90s, it was not so easy or convenient to share files between different operating systems and devices. Adobe developed the PDF as a means of being able to share and view documents regardless of what platform or device the file was being

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Is Thrive Themes Free

Is Thrive Themes Free? – A Guide to Thrive Themes Pricing

I’ll kick off by letting you know I am a huge fan of Thrive Themes. I have been using their products for the last three years. Thrive Themes sell plug-ins and themes for WordPress that makes creating a WordPress website easy. Installing WordPress is straight-forward but designing a professional looking website that entices people to subscribe

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Free - Title Image

Wealthy Affiliate – What You Get For Free

I’ve been a Wealthy Affiliate (WA) member for two years, and I have said many times that I would never consider quitting. WA offers premium web hosting, in-depth affiliate marketing courses, coaching and so much more, all rolled into one package! But is that all free? Let’s answer that question right away and then take

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How To Join Wealthy Affiliate Feature Image

How to Join Wealthy Affiliate – 6 Steps to Sign-Up For Free

So you’re considering joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA). In this article, I’ll walk you through the exact steps it takes to join up. We’ll compare free and premium membership. Look at some of the success stories from others who have already joined. Finally, we will discuss how you can sign up if your country blocks access

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